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How To Use Open AI ChatGPT Bot For Content SEO

As we know, the Open AI ChatGTP has crushed the internet as everyone is talking about it today. For us SEO enthusiasts and professionals, it is a life-changing tool that can and will ease and speed up our tasks so much more. From analyzing text to generating code – I have tried and tested it for hours. So let’s dive right in and see what it can do for you! (This article is also available in the Latvian language here)

1. HTML code generating for a table of contents

Coding a table of contents for your web page can be such a repetitive task, so why not ask AI to do it for you. Just ask the question the right way, to get the best results.

Create a table of contents for your website page headings. It can encode it with HTML even with anchor links to your subtitles and your readers will be able to comfortably navigate your page. It turned out pretty well with the command below.

create a table of contents encoded in HTML with anchor links to titles for the following headings

2. Research topics for your content brief

It can take hours to check many websites looking for subtopics that you need to cover in your new article. Chat GPT can do it for you in seconds. So I decided to ask it to list subtopics that are usually discussed about a certain subject. Going through websites to see the quality of this answer, I can say it was quite right and listed topics that I found about my topic in most websites.

3. Writing an introduction paragraph for your content piece

It was more than just pasting my text and asking to write an intro for it. I made sure to specify the primary keyword that I want included as well as to answer certain questions that had to be in the intro to make sure it fits my content requirements.

To conclude

I did run into issues with larger pieces of text, so instead of pasting all my text, most times, I only pasted its heading structure. That was enough for most tasks, including ToC generation, intro, and conclusion generation.

I will make sure to come back and update this article with new findings as soon as I try more hacks with the AI bot.


I am a Computer Science Bachelor, worked in the web hosting industry for over 8 years. My background includes nearly all aspects of the website lifecycle starting with building a website to hosting, optimizing it for SEO, and running an online business.